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WWWWWH: My name is Who What Where When Why How. Welcome, Jean Marzollo!

Jean Marzollo: Thank you, Who What Where When Why How.

WWWWWH: The topic is EARTH. Have you written books about the Earth?

Jean Marzollo: Yes, I Am Planet Earth. It’s part of a beginning reader science series I wrote for Scholastic. Other titles are: I Am Water, I’m a Seed, I’m a Caterpillar, I’m A Rock, I Am Fire, I Am Snow, I Am an Apple, and I Am a Star.

WWWWWH: All of those books are about Earth - except for I Am A Star!

Jean Marzollo: Well, our sun is a star, and the sun is very important to Earth. Without the sun, we’d always be in the dark.

WWWWWH: Good point, Jean Marzollo. Tell us about Earth Day Rap.

Jean Marzollo: It’s a call and response song. The leader sings a line and other singers repeat it back to her.

WWWWWH: I have a personal question. Why did you write “hungry hare” and then paint a rabbit?

Jean Marzollo: “Hare” spelled h-a-r-e is another word for rabbit. Do you know the story of “The Tortoise and the Hare?”

WWWWWH: Hmmm. Yes, I do, but if you don’t mind, I’d rather not discuss it. (Ahem) I have another question about Earth Day Rap. What’s the red dot for?

Jean Marzollo: It’s a clue for singers to pause before singing the last “Bless you” on the page. Want to try it?

WWWWWH: Okay. Can I be the leader?

Jean Marzollo: Sure.

WWWWWH: Good job, Jean Marzollo, and thank you for the interview.

Jean Marzollo: You're welcome, Who What Where When Why How.

WWWWWH: Do you have a question for Jean Marzollo? If you do, send it to: info@jeanmarzollo.com.


April 2009


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