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I SPY Animals

8" x 8" Paperback


The 6"x5" board book edition of this book (called I SPY LITTLE LETTERS) is a beautiful book to read aloud to babies and toddlers. The 8"x8" paperback version (called I SPY LETTERS) is great for helping pre-K, kindergarten, and first grade children read. In May 2013 I took pictures of this kindergarten boy reading I SPY LETTERS to his classmates sitting close on the rug to help him. The word "jewels" was sounded out and enjoyed as a fun new word. Afterwards, I asked the teacher, who had not
seen this book before, when she would use it next year. "Each time we study a new letter," she said.

I liked seeing how the boy rested the paperback book on the easel. That made it easy for him and the class to see the words and pictures. (The words show up better in real life than they do in my photograph.) The word "bright" is hard to sound out, but interesting to compare with the word "kites." "Bright" and "kite" rhyme but are spelled differently. What other words sound like them? Which ones are written like "bright?" (night, tight, light, fight, right). Which ones are written like "kite?" (bite, white). Why did Walter Wick pick the other objects in the photo? Kids love the way he decorated the letters.





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