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Question Mark


Can you find two slides on pages
14-15 in I SPY YEAR ROUND CHALLENGER? That challenge is posed in one of the Extra Credit riddles in the back of the book. There, now I've given you a hint because the "two slides" riddle is not identified as the riddle that goes with pages 14-15. So ... I bet that if you go to pages 14-15, you can find the two slides
fairly quickly.

Question Mark

“Eagle-eyed young readers who can't get enough of Walter Wick and Jean Marzollo's always fresh picture-riddle books will be tickled pink to see this celebration of the seasons … featuring Wick's trademark crisply photographed scenes and Marzollo's clever rhyming riddles.”

“Eager puzzle solvers will gobble this one up, too.”

“These large, highly detailed photos are paired with new rhymes that challenge children to look and find different objects from the original offerings that are perhaps more difficult to spot. In an appended section, Marzollo shows children how to create their own riddle rhymes,
pointing out ways to recreate the rhythm.”





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