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I loved writing I Am Water because I liked pretending I was water. "Watch me. I am water. I am home for the fish. I am rain for the earth. I am drink for the people." I liked pretending I was snow, ice, puddles, rivers, and waves. And I liked writing this ending: "I am all that, and I am more. Watch me. Watch over me. I am water."

I Am Water is wonderfully illustrated by paper artist Judith Moffatt. Look how she makes water with paper!

...................................© Judith Moffatt

"I am water for cooking. / I am ice for cooling. / I am snow for sledding. / I am pools for splashing. / I am all that, and I am more." Marzollo celebrates water in all its forms in this very basic reader, a pre-primer with one sentence per double-page spread, large type, and plenty of repetition. Moffatt combines crisply cut shapes in an eye-catching variety of colored and textured papers into pop-off-the-paper collages. The exuberant pictures and a text in which each sentence begins "I am" and continues with a science theme will entice even those readers who at first balk at giving it a try. An opening note to parents makes thoughful, clear suggestions to help them teach their children reading skills. BOOKLIST


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