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I wrote this non-fiction history book for young children. They hear about Columbus Day but don't know who Christopher Columbus is nor why we celebrate him. I wrote the book in rhythm and rhyme because young children love that. They may even already know the traditional verse: "In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue." That verse gave me the the perfect beginning when I started the book. Steve Björkman did a wonderful job illustrating the "In 1492."

A similar non-fiction history book I wrote in rhythm and rhyme for young children is "In 1776," wonderfully illustrated by Steve Björkman.

"The tale is surprisingly clear and complete, despite the brief and simple text. And it even manages to be "correct," both politically...and historically. Björkman's lighthearted illustrations are top-notch." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

"The appealing illustrations, combined with the bouncy blend of rhythm, rhyme, simple history, and celebration, make this a picture book that preschool teachers will ask for every Columbus Day for years to come."

"Jean Marzollo, in "In 1492", with fetching illustrations by Steve Björkman, tells the Columbus story in an engaging, straightforward way for young readers." THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

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