The story of Miriam is from the Bible, Exodus, Chapter 2: Verses 1-10. I love this story because it is about a brave little girl who helped save her baby brother. We know from the Bible that Miriam sang as an adult. When I wrote this book, I wrote songs for her to sing as a child, too. If you want to sing Miriam’s songs, you can do so to the tune of “Hava Nagila” or “You Are My Sunshine.”

I wrote this book so that you can read it aloud with others. One person can be the narrator. Others can speak (or sing) the lines of the characters. Whoever speaks for the fish should go last, just before you turn the page. The fish represent curious people, especially, curious children who like to ask questions when they hear a story.

*Sydney Taylor Notable Book
"Written and illustrated with great charm while remaining true to the text. Adding humorous dimension to the story is a border of fish, whose questions and comments are similar to those of little children."

"Valuable and meaningful."

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Jonak and the Whale


Ruth and Naomi




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