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I wrote the Shanna Show books at the suggestion of Andrea Davis Pinkney, then editor at Hyperion/Jump at the Sun. She asked me to write a preschool series for African American girls. When I visit schools, I often ask kids to sing the Shanna Show song with me. They know it from the Shanna Show on Playhouse Disney. The TV show is based on the first four Shanna books, which emphasize careers: Shanna's Doctor Show, Shanna's Teacher Show, Shanna's Ballerina Show, and Shanna's Princess Show. (True, being a princess is not really a career but children suggested the title, and I couldn't resist.) The books are illustrated by the award winning Shane W. Evans.

"Storytelling magic."



Shanna: I'm a doctor.
              Wonder how I know?
              I'll give you 5 clues
              on today's Shanna Show.

              Clue 1: lab coat. Name tag, too.
              When you get your checkups,
              I'll be ready for you.

              What's the matter?
              Let me see.

Shane:  Dinah-saurus bit my knee!

                             Jean Marzollo



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