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I wrote this book because beginning readers continue to love the
I SPY readers.  That's because the readers have a game to play. The kids read to play, and the pictures help them read.  The kids feel successful, which is the best reward of all.  Helping kids learn to read gives me great satisfaction.  I thank my sons Dan and Dave
for helping me with the I SPY readers.


"The newest from the I SPY reader series opens with 10 double-page spreads in which a brief rhyming text and photos of small objects appear opposite a full-page photo including those objects along with many others. Children are challenged to read the simple, large-type words and find the objects within the larger, more complex photos. This offers excellent practice in visual discrimination; the second section has games more directly related to reading, such as finding "three words that end with the letter R" within three short phrases. With photos recycled from the original books, this is an attractive addition to an enduring series." Carolyn Phelan, Book List Online






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