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Ken Geist, my editor, suggested this book for children 2-5, so, with help from my sons Dan and Dave, I did. Ken Geist liked the idea of punch-out ornaments, and so did I.  The photographs are beautiful, aren't they?  Perfect for a young child.  But guess what: everyone makes mistakes.  The cover says that there are 8 ornaments to be made.  If fact, there are only 4, which are made from 8 punch-outs.  I feel so embarrassed!  The book cover was checked by many people.  We never noticed the mistake!  After it was printed, my assistant discovered it quickly.  I apologize.  But it's a good lesson to everyone to learn: everyone makes mistakes.  Now here's the good news.  If the book is reprinted, the 8 will become a 4.  So ... if you have a cover with an 8, maybe some day your book will be a collector's item!


I Spy a Christmas Tree inside page






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