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I wrote I SPY FUN HOUSE because Walter Wick really wanted that title for the third I SPY book. He wanted to make pictures with a Fun House/Circus theme. I was nervous because I know that young children can be afraid of clowns. Walter sent me pictures of the clown puppets that he wanted to use in every picture. (Each I SPY book so far had something the same in every picture.) I sent the clown picture to Carol Devine Carson, who designed the I SPY books. She said that the puppets were beautiful and not scary at all. That made me feel better.

Soon I began to love the Fun House/Circus theme. At one point the pictures seemed a little too quiet to me so I suggested that Walter do something musical. He then borrowed instruments from a high school and set up a fabulous shot. I suggested the words DO RE MI because I like to have words in I SPY pictures whenever possible.

My favorite picture is called "Mirror Maze." Walter painted a triangular floor with red and yellow stripes. He stood three mirrors (two with doors cut in them) around the triangle. He added toys and then took a picture of what you see in the mirror that doesn't have a doorway. Sound confusing? It is, unless you have a mind like Walter Wick. It's important for people to understand that his art is done in two phases: 1) build a great set, and 2) take a great photo of it.

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“It's hard to believe that Marzollo and Wick could top their I SPY CHRISTMAS, but their latest book of picture riddles is their best yet … Bonus for readers beyond the suggested age range: the extra-credit riddles at the end are devilish indeed.”

“A challenging, topnotch offering that's more fun than a barrel of monkeys.”

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