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I wrote this book in rhythm and rhyme. Some of the rhymes are: light and night, 3 and sea, duck and truck. Do you know if any other I SPY books are written in rhythm and rhyme? What do you think the answer to that question is? How can you find out?
Go to the library! But I'll make it easy for you. The answer is:
all the I SPY books are written in rhythm and rhyme. Why?
Because I love rhythm and rhyme.




In this title in the I SPY Readers series, Marzollo adds new text to images culled from I SPY TREASURE HUNT (1999). Short, rhyming directions invite children to search for objects in the crowded, ... color photographs, and small, inset pictures show what to look for. The I Spy formula continues to draw eager fans, and the closing pages, which group objects by letter, will certainly appeal to the newest readers. A vocabulary review appears on the inside cover.
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