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I SPY Numbers
8" x 8" Paperback

The 6"x5" board book edition of this book (called I SPY LITTLE BUNNIES) is a beautiful book to read aloud to babies and toddlers. The 8"x8" paperback version (also called I SPY LITTLE BUNNIES) is great for helping pre-K, kindergarten and first grade children read. In May 2013 these kindergartners read I SPY LITTLE BUNNIES for the first time in their kindergarten class. I was quietly observing and taking pictures. I was also listening carefully. I have to say that I was amazed to hear them read the word "toothbrush."

"Toothbrush" is a very big word. I heard the girl say, "Too." She saw that piece of the big word and knew it because it's a kindergarten sight word. Then I heard her sound out the "th" sound. "The" is also a kindergarten sight word. Her partner pointed to the bunny. "Toothbrush!" they said. They had just finished successfully reading by themselves I SPY LITTLE BUNNIES, and they were very proud.





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