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I SPY Numbers
8" x 8" Paperback

The 6"x5" board book edition of this book (called I SPY LITTLE NUMBERS) is a beautiful book to read aloud to babies and toddlers. The 8"x8" paperback version (called I SPY NUMBERS) is great for helping pre-K, kindergarten and first grade children read. In May 2013 I took pictures of this kindergarten girl reading I SPY NUMBERS to her classmates on the rug before her. Holding the book up like a teacher, she enjoyed the word "piggy-wiggies," not that she had ever seen it before. She read the difficult word "bright." Readers like her can help other kids in the class practice reading skills.

Click to see kids practicing in classrooms.

It's interesting to study all the other things in the "3" box. Making a "3" box is a great math activity for the beginning of the year. Kids can bring in "3" things to put in the box. As "3" things are placed in the box, the teacher can print their names on cards. You can make two sets of cards: one that has pictures and says "3 cars" and one that says just "3 cars." Later, kids can match the objects to the words. Some day it might be fun to spread the "3" objects out on a big piece of construction paper and write an I SPY riddle to go with them. For help in learning how to write an I SPY riddle, please go to: http://www.jeanmarzollo.com/ISPY/riddle_writing.html




Sasha and Daneé
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