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how we wrote this bookI thank my sons Dan Marzollo and Dave Marzollo for helping me create the I SPY STICKER BOOK and PICTURE RIDDLES.
I wanted to write an I SPY sticker book for years so I was thrilled when Scholastic gave the go-ahead. WOW! Am I am thrilled with the results? Yes! The book has two main parts.

Part 1 contains pictures like the pictures in the I SPY Readers. However, the pictures on the riddle pages are only silhouettes. You have to find the matching Riddle Stickers to make the riddle pages glow with color and match the picture pages. As you're playing the game, you are also reading. That's the beauty of I SPY - it teaches you while you're having fun.

Part 2 contains "Make Your Own" pages. These pages are for YOU to create so write your name at the top! Read the titles on these pages and fill them in with "Make Your Own" stickers. For example, on the "I Spy People" page, you will fill the page with all (or mostly all) people stickers.

You'll find lots of extra little stickers in this book. Some are "word stickers," and some are picture stickers. Put these stickers anywhere you want. Be an I SPY artist! You can use them on other pieces of paper. You can even write your own I SPY riddles to go with your pictures! To learn more about writing I SPY riddles, go to: http://www.jeanmarzollo.com/ISPY/riddle_writing.html.

Have fun and be creative!



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