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Recently someone asked me, "Where is the 'cork on a bottle' on pages 26-27 in I SPY ULTIMATE CHALLENGER?"
I have to admit that I couldn't find it either! Obviously I knew where it was once. But now I've forgotten. I finally had to ask my son David. He knew right away because he helps me with I SPY.
So ... what about you?
Can you find it?

Question Mark

“Walter Wick's fun photos and Jean Marzollo's tricky riddles have returned
in this I SPY "best of," a compilation of some of the duo's most entertaining "Where's Waldo?"-style visual scavenger hunts … “Ultimate Challenger” makes a fine introduction to the 20-plus-volume I SPY series and
Marzollo gladly adds value here with two pages of brand-new
extra-credit riddles at the end.” ...AMAZON.COM

“Turn the page and try sharpening your powers of observation and using your noodle. Good luck!” ..CHILDRENS DIGEST







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