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I SPY Sticker Book

An I SPY sticker book with
over 500 reusable stickers


These 8"x8" paperbacks can help
preschoolers explore the skills of reading,
and first graders review them.
Click each cover to see kids using them!

I SPYLetters   I SPY Numbers
I SPY Animals   I Spy Little Hearts
  I SPY little bunnies


I SPY Spectacular


Classic 9"x12" I SPY books for all ages


9" x 12" I SPY Challengers for all ages



5 1/2" x 5" Board Books
for the Youngest Child

I SPY Little Toys


6' X 9" Paperbacks for Beginning Readers

I SPY a Skeleton
I SPY I Love You
I SPY Thanksgiving
I SPY an egg in a nest
I SPY School by Jean Marzollo


Books for Beginning Readers

I SPY a Christmas Tree


I SPY movie
I SPY teaching guide
I SPY Projects
I SPY Riddle Writing
I SPY books



Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Logo




Fun photos, rhythm and rhyme
teach math to kids!



I'm Tyrannosaurus!

Bee Sting Coloring Book


Im a seed   I am Fire
I am Water   I'm a Caterpillar
I Am an Apple   I am Snow
I am a Rock   I am a Leaf
I am Planet Earth  

I am a Star


Pizza Pie Slugger  

Cannonball Chris


  In 1776 Cover
In 1492   My First Book of Biographies
The Little Plant Doctor


  Shanna's Pizza Parlor
Shanna's Hip, Hop Hooray!  


Baby's Alphabet  

Two books in one

How Kids Grow   Ten Little Eggs


Daniel in the Lions' Den   David and Goliath   Jonak and the Whale
Miriam and Her Brother Moses   Ruth and Naomi  


Retold and



Let's Go, Pegasus! Little Bear, You're a Star! Pandora's Box

Retold and illustrated by
Jean Marzollo

Ten Little Christmas Presents

Home Sweet Home   Once Upon a Springtime
Pretend You're a Cat   The Teddy Bear Book
  Sun Song
Doll House Christmas   Cinderella
Doll House Adventure   Baxter's Bad Day
Papa Bear's Party   Amy Goes Fishing
Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon  
Blue Sun Ben   Red Sun Girl
I See a Star   I Love You: A Rebus Book
... Jed's Junior Space Patrol
City Sounds   Can We Eat Now?
Ruthie's Rude Friends   Snow Angel
Ten Cats Have Hats  
  Robin of Bray
The House That Dreams Painted   Pony Bird
  Halloween Cats
Thanksgiving Cats  

Do You Love Me, Harvey Burns?   Halfway Down Paddy Lane
  The Helping Hands Handbook

9 Months 1 Day 1 Year   Think Draw Write

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to read the
book for free!
Birthday Parties for Children   Learning Through Play
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to read the
book for free!
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to read the
book for free!
Fathers & Babies   Fathers & Toddlers
Click on the cover
to read the
book for free!
Your Maternity Leave


Magazine Publishing Awards

From 1970-1990 I was editor of Scholastic's kindergarten magazine, Let's Find Out.
For most of this time, I worked with
Carol Devine Carson, art director.

In 1980, 1978 and 1977 the magazine won
Ed. Press awards for distinguished
achievements in educational journalism.



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